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Dear rangers,

If you are playing through the Gamigo website, you may have received an e-mail recently announcing that our game Dino Storm will be discontinued on the Gamigo platform by the end of March 2016.

[Update] You can now convert your existing Gamigo Dino Storm account into a Splitscreen Games Account: Click here

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Pilots who have been playing Pirate Galaxy through the Aeria Games website are already aware that our game is no longer supported through their platform.

Aeria Games have already sent e-mails to pilots who…

  • …have been playing Pirate Galaxy through Aeria Games at least once between April 2015 and January 2016.
  • …have verified the e-mail address of their Aeria Games account.

These e-mails contain details about how to transfer an existing Aeria Games Pirate Galaxy game account to us, Splitscreen Games.
Please make sure to check both inbox and spam folder.

If you have not received said e-mail by now, please register with our support site and submit a ticket!

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Our payment provider ZONG has informed us that it will no longer offer its mobile payment service in Mexico, Greece, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Thailand.

Please note that this does NOT affect you if…

  • …you are not connecting from one of the affected regions.
  • …you are playing through a partner site with its own selection of payment services (e.g. Facebook, Bigpoint, Kongregate...).

To our affected customers

We are trying to provide an alternate mobile payment service in the future. At this point however, we cannot give you an estimate as to when it might be available. Sorry for the inconvenience.


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Aeria Games have announced that they will end support for our games on their platform within the coming weeks.

Q: Will I lose my game account? All my progress... gone?
A: Your game account will not be lost, as we are already preparing a transfer in close cooperation with Aeria Games.

Q: Is there anything I can do to speed up the transfer?
A: Make sure that your Aeria Games account is linked to a valid e-mail address, and also that you have access to it. Details about the account transfer will be sent to that e-mail.

Q: Will my Aeria Points by refunded?
A: Aeria Games will be announcing more information on this topic soon.


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 Em Português:

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