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Error Code 47IN in Pirate Galaxy?
on 13 July 2016 11:39

Hello pilot,

If you just arrived here looking for help on Error 47IN, please submit a ticket and include the following information:

  1. When exactly were you unable to log in because of Error 47IN?
  2. When exactly were you able to log in again after that?
  3. Which server were you trying to log in to?

Thank you,
Your Support Team

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[In an earlier version of this article, June 17 was given as the relevant date. The switch has since been postponed to June 30.]

If you are using Internet Explorer in Windows Vista or XP, you will no longer be able to purchase Gold through our shop starting June 30. You can avoid this issue by using a modern web browser.

Windows Vista/XP users: Please upgrade to a modern web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera...). Older versions of Internet Explorer will no longer be fully supported through our Gold shop.

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Dear rangers,

From 3 PM UTC June 9, some of our game servers were slowly beginning to experience technical issues. Especially those of you playing on the America_1 server were not only fighting monstrous dinosaurs, but increasing performance issues as well. America_3 and Asia_1 ran into problems much later (~2 AM UTC June 10).

We are investigating these issues to make sure they will not resurface. We are terribly sorry for the inconveniences caused, with the Dinoball event running and all.

In case you were playing on the AM1, AM3 or AS1 servers at a time when they were experiencing issues and are now missing items, please submit a ticket.
Make sure to include the following information:

  • What kind of item is missing?
  • What is the item's level?
  • How many are missing?
  • Please provide this exact information for every different kind of item that appears to be missing. Thanks!

Best regards,
Your Support Team

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We have just released another update that addresses the following issues of today's first update:

  • The achievement related to ranger progression appeared faulty for some users (e.g. level 13 rangers had not achieved "Reach ranger level 10", and progress was shown as 130%).
  • The detailed information tooltip for sites was no longer being displayed in the map window.

Please note that the following achievements may still be displayed faulty:

  • Upgrade any dinosaur to level n
  • Upgrade any wepaon to level n
  • Upgrade any dinosaur implant to level n
  • Upgrade any weapon tech to level n

You can fix these achievements yourself by switching to another dino/weapon/implant/tech and back.

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Dear rangers,

If you are playing through the Gamigo website, you may have received an e-mail recently announcing that our game Dino Storm will be discontinued on the Gamigo platform by the end of March 2016.

[Update] You can now convert your existing Gamigo Dino Storm account into a Splitscreen Games Account: Click here

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